The Emoji Book Tag

The awesome Cilla, over at Paved with Books, tagged me on the Emoji Book post. I am very excited because this is my first ever tag – yay!

The seven booktubers who created this tag:

Liz from lizlovesliterature
Jenny from Jellafy
Sanaa from InkBonesBooks
Dylan from dylanbooks 
Max from WellDoneBooks
Vilde from vforvilde 
Scott from Scott Place

So, Cilla tagged me, like, AGES ago and I’m so terrible for just now getting it. Sorry, Cilla; please forgive me, I just started a new job so it has been extra crazy around here! You should all go check out Paved with Books because it. is. awesome.

bustin a gut emoji

Bustin’ a Gut Emoji

I imagine that I looked like this emoji as I was reading Jenny Lawson’s Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Such a funny memoir from the super smart and snarky woman behind The Bloggess blog. If you’re looking for something fun and hilarious, definitely give this one a shot.

heart eyes emojiLove-Eyes Emoji

A character that I just love. There are so many but Jane Eyre and Hazel and Gus from John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars are always top of mind for me.  I love Jane – I love her sense of self and dignity. I love Hazel and Gus – I just want to hug them and keep them safe from anything that might hurt them.

crazy tongue out  Crazy-Tongue Out Emoji

This emoji makes me think of someone that was so free and brave and themselves that I was just so happy about them. Two great character with those qualities for me are Jessica Darling and Alaska Young. Jessica Darling is the heroine of the Sloppy Firsts/Jessica Darling series. The series is written as her journals and she is smart and snarky in the best way. Her observations of the world of high school are really spot on. Alaska Young, from John Green’s Looking For Alaska, also has these qualities, though they are used more as a shield, a defense mechanism for keeping people at arm’s length. Check them both out!

smiley emoji

Blushing Emoji

This one makes me think of those literary couples that make me feel swoony and butterflies. Pretty much any Rowell couple fits the bill but my favorite by far is Link and Beth from Attachments. Their love story just makes me happy. Liesl and Rudy, from The Book Thief, while they aren’t actually a couple, their friendship is plain beautiful and it makes me feel warm and sad at the same time.

This was so fun! What are your favorite book/emoji matches?


One thought on “The Emoji Book Tag

  1. Aah I should be the one to apologise for forgetting to comment! Congrats on the new job and I hope it’s settled down a bit for you ❤ You make me want to reread the Jessica Darling series. I actually have the books, but I can't remember the story at all.


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