Highlights & Underlines

Happy Friday guys! Let us procrastinate with some fun stuff from this week’s internet –

I mean, I know school just started but Teacher of the Year Award, right?

– This profile of Stephen Colbert in GQ is lovely and made me emotional.

– And this profile of Joan Didion over at The New Yorker is also wonderful.

– Do yall know about the Mitford Sisters? I did not before finding this Reading Pathway over at Book Riot. I am so intrigued. (Shout out to the Fug Girls for directing me over to Reading Pathway!)

– I’ve so been wanting to read Nicola Yoon’s Everything, Everything and Nafiza’s great review over at The Book Wars just makes me want to read it even more.

Joey Fatone’s letter to One Direction is amazing.

– The newest poster for the Mockingjay movie has a little bit of a unintended bad word featured. Its hidden, but still. Hehehe.

– This is an interesting read over at Esquire about the power of a uniform wherein a reporter dresses as a priest, security guard, mechanic and doctor for a day. Which also sounds like the beginning of a joke but its a good read!

– From over at Vanity Fair, Novels About Real-Life Women Are Saving Forgotten History

New words have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary and I am concerned for the English language…

– This is lovely and heartbreaking over at The Atlantic – On Losing A Student

“I understood teenagers and their sense of invincibility, their YOLO mantras and their risky behaviors. But it’s impossible to understand their deaths.”

– So, I’ve never read Hemingway, I know blasphemy, but I should because his interview from 1958 with the Paris Review is so sassy.


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