Highlights & Underlines

TGIF. Can we go home yet?

– I just love Mindy Kaling. Her summaries of shows, Coming This Fall, over at The New Yorker

– Check out President Obama’s summer reading list from ABC News

– Not book-related but still fun. Grantland’s coverage of HBO’s Hard Knocks is so great. (Found this thank to the ladies over at Go Fug Yourself – which is one of my favorite blogs so you should check them out.)

– And because good writing often leads to other good writing, this story over at Grantland, Taking the Heat, about how the Miami Heat has been repeatedly targeted by Miami con men, is also well worth the read

– This precious young reader wrote an apology note to his library after accidentally ripping a page in a book he checked out. All together now, Awwwwww.

– Outlander is filming season 2 in Scotland where they’ve recently shot the big duel scene between Jamie and Black Jack Randall.

– Because who doesn’t love insanely beautiful wedding photos? Get me to Iceland, stat.


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