Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme that was started by The Broke and The Bookish.

(I know, I know – I’m late AND the acronym doesn’t hold but still.)

Today’s topic is….

August 18: Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

1) John Green – Duh. I own all of John Green’s books, and actually multiple copies of a couple of them…I know that a John Green book will always have great characters and beautiful writing, two things I’ll always stand behind.
2) Rainbow Rowell – Aren’t I so obvious by now? I haven’t bought all of Rowell’s books but I automatically want all of her books. So that counts

3) Jane Austen –  I’m so predictable. I own the whole Jane collection and good gracious I’m reading Mansfield Park next because this is the second post in a week where I’ve had to admit to not having read it yet. For shame.
4) JK Rowling – The queen. All of Harry Potter and I want all of her Robert Gailbraith books. Although, I didn’t do Casual Vacancy.
5) Kate Atkinson – Wildcard! I love Kate Atkinson. I mentioned Atkinson’s A God In Ruins in another of my TTT posts but she is, like, tops of contemporary literary fiction. I don’t have all of her books as of yet, but any time I run across one at Half Price Books, I scoop it up.


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