Highlights & Underlines

Happy Friday, yall!


– Today is Harry Potter’s birthday! Let’s celebrate with Shaun Fitzpatrick’s article over at Bustle – 7 Of The Most WTF Harry Potter Moments To Celebrate The Boy Who Lived’s Birthday

I need this Jane Eyre poster, stat. Actually, I just need everything on the Lithographs website. So cool.

Wherein John Green defends his friend Cara Delevingne after that painfully awkward and ridiculous interview with Good Day Sacramento. Good for Cara and good for John, I say.

– This is a nice piece by Jhumpa Lahiri over at The New Yorker (Incidentally, you can check out my Book Report on Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies here…)

– For those interested in literary accolades, the longlist for the Man Booker Prize has been announced

– How did I not know that Drunk Ron Weasley is a sketch on Jimmy Fallon?!

A lovely story from Robert over at 101 Books – a young boy asked a mailman if he had any junk mail that he could read because his family couldn’t afford the bus fare to the library. So, the best mailman ever set up a Facebook page where you can donate book to this clearly awesome kid. Bravo to mailman Ron Lynch! I just love good people.

– So, I don’t know a whole lot about the Medium website, in fact I just discovered it up there with that John Green article. But, I was browsing through and found this lovely article/story (I’m not sure which). Either way it made me tear up.

– I like this idea of Reading in Bed with Your Partner from Cup of Jo. I tend to read in bed while Sweet Boyfriend snores next to me but it’d be fun to read together!

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