Highlights & Underlines

Another Friday has come! The below should help you kill some time while waiting for the weekend to start.

– From Buzzfeed, 28 Things Every Bookworm Wants Their Partner to Know

– If you’re interested at all in world affairs and trying to understand what ISIS is all about, this is a super compelling read over at The New Yorker – Battle Lines: Why Jihadists Write Poetry

– OMG, Daniel Radcliffe filled in as Nylon’s receptionist for an hour and Joe Jonas pretends not to know who he is. So funny yall.

– This is probably NSFW (or children) but it’s a pretty interesting read from Vanity Fair, I’ll Read What She’s Reading (Art is weird, huh?)

– Hahaha, this is funny from The Paris Review

  • Today in ill-advised marketing campaigns: the Australian publisher of the new Lisbeth Salander novel has taken branding to a disturbingly literal level in its quest to find “a female fan prepared to ‘donate’ her back for three months. This would have involved being adorned with her very own Dragon Tattoo for advertising purposes.” The so-called tatvertising campaign sought to find someone who could “handle the pain, just like Lisbeth Salander.” The publisher has since canceled the promotion, but there’s nothing stopping true fans from pursuing masochism to please their corporate masters.

– Obviously we’re all going to see the Amy Poehler/Tina Fey movie, Sisters. Can’t wait.


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