Highlights & Underlines

Time for another edition of Highlights & Underlines. May all of your Friday workdays go by super-fast!

– Have yall read the Outlander series? I love it and I think the show has done a spectacular job of representing the first book. Love me some Sam Heughan – take a sneak peek at some of Jamie and Claire’s season 2 looks over at EW.

– The Heart is a really cool series over at The Atlantic in which “authors share and discuss their all-time favorite passages in literature.

– This is SUCH A GOOD READ: The Talented Mr. Khater.

Ooo! ooo! and this one too, The Click Clique – both pieces from the awesome Francesca Mari (@francesamari) over at Texas Monthly

Wired’s got the new teaser trailer for Mockingjay. They’re right, its total Rhythm Nation, in the best way.

– This is pretty cool. The winning Caine Prize author is splitting her prize with her fellow nominees, over at NPR.

– I did not know that Lev Grossman’s The Magicians is being made into a TV show! Thanks to Joey over at Thoughts and After Thoughts for enlightening us all.

– This is cool over at Buzzfeed, Margaret Atwood is drawing cartoons about being a geeky girl.


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