Highlights & Underlines

Since tomorrow is a Holiday for most of us Americans, I figure we all might need a little bit of help getting through this day-before-vacation. Enjoy!

– So, this isn’t actually book-related but it IS awesome. Misty Copeland has been named the first African-American principal dancer of the American Ballet Theater.

– And what do you know, Misty Copeland is ALSO a children’s book author and NPR has an interview with her. She just keeps getting cooler in my book.

– Have yall read Dave Eggers’ The Circle yet? It’s on my list but apparently everyone’s favorite wizard has already signed on for the movie adaptation. Emma Watson is queen.

– I really wanted to read Sarah Hepola’s memior Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget, and after reading this great article in The Atlantic, I want to read it even more.

– Well this is certainly fun! HBO is coming out with a Game of Thrones action figure line. Now we can all play at killing Awful Joffrey ourselves!

– Because my alma mater is amazing – Spend Your Summer Reading the Books UT Professors Love – Hook ’em Horns.


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