Chick Lit Or Just A Good Book?

I found this over at Bustle (via the great and good ladies over at Go Fug Yourself) and yall, I totally agree:

Author Marian Keyes Says “Chick Lit” As a Term Needs To Go, And She’s So Right

Chick lit. Ughh, come ON, it’s 2015. Why is it that women writers, and books that largely appeal to women, are condemned to the “chick lit” genre? And why is “chick lit” even perceived as a “bad thing”?

It just seems odd to me because, according to a Pew Research study, 82% of women identify themselves as readers, whereas only 69% of men identify as such. Now, granted, this study is from 2013 so things could have changed in the last couple of years but even so, wouldn’t it make sense that for any book, whether that book is literary fiction. historical fiction, YA, mysteries, etc.,  a lot of the people reading it would be….women.

It seems to me that any person – man or woman- that wants to read any book – any kind, any genre – should feel encouraged and happy to do so. What do you think?


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